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Fab in Hub. Il Fab Lab di Frosinone polo di innovazione per il territorio del basso Lazio.

Fab in Hub. Il Fab Lab di Frosinone polo di innovazione per il territorio del basso Lazio.

Fab in Hub is a Fab Lab Frosinone project to set up a pole for innovation and strategic development of technology transfer and knowledge sharing in the local area. The pole will be a catalyst through to generate renewal and recover competitiveness at local and international level. Fab in Hub aims to launch research initiatives and public involvement to develop cooperative innovation processes involving students, researchers, entrepreneurs, creators, associations and businesses in Frosinone and neighboring areas.With the launch of the Fab in Hub project, Fab Lab Frosinone has already established collaborations with Fri3nds, a Social Promotion Association, NINE Architecture Studio with NINE for Kids Laboratory, Res Ciociaria, an Association about Solid Economic Network, the Frosinone Chamber of Commerce and Aspiin, the Frosinone Academy of Fine and Make A Shape company.

Fab in Hub. Il Fab Lab di Frosinone polo di innovazione per il territorio del basso Lazio.

Elena Papetti, Elena Pierri, Stefano Grimaldi, Nader Al Khatib, Matteo Di Sora, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Ilaria Des Santis, Luigi Rinaldi, Bruno Ambrogio,Ermanno De Giuli,

Elena Papetti:
Graduated at the Faculty of Architecture La Sapienza - University of Rome. She is member of "’Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori della Provincia di Frosinone" and she is a freelancer joyning traditional work with researching.
In 2015 she took Fab Academy Diploma. Expert in Digital Manufacturing and Fast Prototyping deals with 2D Design and 3D Modeling combined with laser cutting, CNC and 3D printing. Actually she is the Manager of Fab Lab Frosinone. She has just completed the Responsive Surfaces Summer School 2017 at Sapienza in Rome.

Elena Pierri:
Expert in 3D printing modeling. Graduated in Product and Industrial Design at IED Roma. She worked in severals companies testing various manufacturing techniques from semi-artisan to industrial. Today she works at the Fab Lab in Frosinone, challenging new production and marketing techniques from 3D samplers to numerical control machines serving companies, organizations and individuals. On request designs in 3D highly personalized models for demonstration and exhibition use. She is Make a Shape srls cofounder.

Stefano Grimaldi:
Graduated in Economics and Management with a specialization about Industrial Economics, Innovation and Markets, he is enthusiastic about new technologies and innovation, maker, 3d enthusiastic. he is Co-founder of a Social Promotion Association Fri3nd to spread and disseminate an innovative culture, 3D print, drones, realization of 360 photos and videos and virtual tours to promote and enhance the lower Lazio area.

Ermanno De Giuli:
Tech and Computer Specialist he works with virtualization of server-side architectures and software for professional web-based applications. As a teenager he is passionate about electronics, he has developed some Arduino platform hacks for wi-fi networking.
Nader Al Khatib:
Enthusiast about technology, electronics and science, he is owner of an industry patent about electrical balancing of lithium-polymer batteries. CAD designer about mechanical structural software with which he planes drones. He has skills about Electromechanical, 3D Printing, Arduino, and programming.

Emiliano Antonucci:
He studied Art and Graphic Design at the Fine Arts Academy and at IED Roma. He has collaborated with Proxima at CineCittà Digital for the realization of digital effects about modeling and compositing for cinema and tv.
Fascinated by 3D modeling and printing, he has been involved in various national and international forums as a moderator. Among the first 3D printer users in Frosinone area, he has gained experience in using these technologies in design and assembly. Currently he is co-founder of Make a Shape s.r.l.s.

Matteo Di Sora:
Architect joining together research and profession. It is focused on new design strategies applied to different scales, through the research and development of new tools and approaches to design. Since 2005 he founded T-SPOON and NOUMENA, where he puts his skills into practice. Currently, together with Emilia Caffo and Paolo Emilio Bellisario is co-founder of NINE: a multidisciplinary studio specializing in interior design, retail identity and product design.

Paolo Emilio Bellisario:
Graduated at D'Annunzio University of Chieti and Pescara He conducts research on local architectural heritage with particular reference to post-earthquake reconstruction topics of 1915. He has organized seminars, exhibitions, workshops and international competitions on topics of globalization, urban utopias and additive technologies. In 2015, together Matteo Di Sora and Emilia Caffo, NINE founded a multidisciplinary studio specializing in interior design, retail identity and industrial design. He was co-founder and CEO of ZO-loft architecture & design, as well as editor of the magazine "Cityvision".

Luigi Ranaldi:
Currently he is studying at the Fine Arts Academy of Frosinone. He is aspirant professional about graphic design . He has affinity with the design of trademarks, corporate logos, and coordinated image building (corporate identity).

Ilaria De Santis:
Graduated in Economics and Management at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". She has a Master in Fashion Marketing at the European Institute of Design of Barcelona. Currently she is trained at FabLab of Frosinone with a marketing consulting project to support a young maker with the realization and marketing of a product.

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