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Il tavolino di Andrea
Il tavolino di Andrea

Il tavolino di Andrea

Andrea's table was designed to the needs of Andrea, who is a child with spastic diplegia.
The project consists of a wooden base with height-adjustable supports for arms.
Not having enough strength in his arms to support the smartphone, Andrea downloads the weight of his arms on his belly, taking a wrong posture, which over time could lead to a pathological scoliosis.
In the final project we have applied several components: height and direction-adjustable supports for arms; support removable for smartphones; solar charger and a cup holder.

Il tavolino di Andrea

Fabio Asti, Lavinia Degli Abbati, Francesca Tivano, Chiara Sinesi, Nicholas Scialanca

We are students of Politecnico of Turin. We are about 20 years old.
Our team was composed by five students of the first year of different Engineering's courses.

  D19 (pav. 6)
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