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Hi-Storia creates “talking monuments” produced with 3D printers, which reproduce monuments and cultural places; on the surface of devices there are capacitive sensors that activate audio content with a simple touch of your fingers.
Hi-Storia develops its own devices in educational workshops at schools. During the lessons, students design devices about the cultural heritage of their city: they project contents, develop technological components and work with blind people.
Touch devices are accessible to blind and partially sighted users.


Emanuela Amadio, Stefano Colarelli e Associazione Riqua

Emanuela Amadio is graduated in Conservazione dei beni culturali and works in education for children and adults. Together with Stefano Colarelli she founded hi-Storia, an innovative project for the development of cultural heritage through new technologies. She organises courses in the school to create “talking monuments”, realised with 3d printers and programmable hardware. In 2016 she started Case di Fotografia, a series of photographic lessons taken place in informal context for adults.
Stefano Colarelli is a computer developer and maker. Since 2014 he has been working as a trainer, especially promoting and realizing product-based educational workshops in which schools enhance their territory, solve civic problems and implement social innovation projects. He has collaborated with dozens of schools in training, project planning and implementation of makerspaces at school.
Associazione di Promozione Sociale "Riqua" is an Italian association founded by the authors and currently includes trainers and educators, makers, art historians and teachers. It deals with the aspects related to bottom-up participation in Hi-Storia, and to promote school projects aimed at the enhancement and requalification of cultural heritage, beyond the Hi-Storia project.

  B1 (pav. 8) - Emanuela Amadio, Stefano Colarelli e Associazione Riqua

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