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NoiDroni represents a path didactic to the discovery of the world of drones, what they are used for, where they are used, what is the rule for private and public use.
Involving and spreading knowledge about this type of vehicle represents a possible transport solution for the foreseeable future, so we have created simple and open light classes. Small and adults, come and discover our creations.
We have a 9 to 14-year course with the use of Block coding airBlock drones to let the little aviator know how a drone works, how it feels and what types of vehicles can be invented using the physical principles that allow the drone to fly, For younger children we offer a course and educational kit, a board game, invented by our team with the dual aim of explaining what the drones are and what the coding bases are.
An adult self-build course for a drone that allows you to customize your drone and understand which parameters make changes to improve performance based on mission to be accomplished.
Special traces and problems to be solved. Find the ideal solution, modify your drone to accomplish the mission from the rescue to the fishing to the transport of objects!!! The big difference is how we involve the public in finding useful solutions!!!


Emiliano Gatti, Carmine Paciolla, Aurelio Talamo

Emiliano Gatti IT engineer, project supporter, maker and president of the ITALMAKER association has followed the project to completion, and has always been aiming to spread logic and problem solving skills in children, present the potential of technology and not undergo it passive way.
Carmine Paciolla is an electronics expert, a passion sent by her father who has been dealing with electronics for 40 years. Carmine is at the service of the next nurse at hospital facility, in free time flies and invents. On his journey meets
Aurelio Talamo, his colleague and shares with him the passion for drones, Aurelio has always devoted himself to modeling by developing various types of aircraft, then discovering the world of drones and inventing self-built high performance models. Together with the Italmaker association, they founded the NoiDroni group by identifying a training course for children and adults to make the dune world study simple and engaging.

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