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Light & Glow
Light & Glow

Light & Glow

Light & glow is a simple and economical idea that integrates paper utilization with luminescent photo polymers obtained from 3D printing.
It is the packaging of a light bulb that then turns into a light cover.
It is applied to a photoluminescent plastic insert that can store light and shine even when the lamp is off.
Depending on the type of lamp, the box can acquire new shapes, colors and sizes.

Light & Glow

Tech Team srl, dMake

Tech Team s.r.l.
was born in August 2013 thanks to the initiative of two specialists in the Heidelberg prepress.
after a twenty-year experience in the field, combine their skills and create a new activity to support the businesses in their every need; from certified technical support on 3D graphics printing machines.

based in Rome since 2014, is an open place to interaction between multiple disciplines and contamination to outside influence.Our works explore the boundary between design, art and new techonologies in the belief that an interdisciplinary approach is the substance for change.

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