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LightAct 2.0

LightAct 2.0

Welcome to LIGHTACT 2.0, a series of Lighting Fixture that is DYNAMIC and INTELLIGENT!!!
A fixture that changes its SHAPE, SIZE, COLOR and PURPOSE as per your needs and acts INTELLIGENT based on your needs.
The basic concept of LightAct 2.0 is based on Set of Modules wherein each Module has its own set of POWER SOURCE and LED. The way one adds these modules creates different shapes and sizes of the fixture. Now all these modules once fixed would be connected through SENSORS and ARDUINO which in turn is controlled by a MOBILE APP.

LightAct 2.0

Ranjini Manimudi; Toyesh Kumar Mondal

Ranjini Manimudi - a keen researcher in digital fabrication is an Architect by profession. Her passion for Lighting is very well exhibited through her Lighting Brand in India. She has been associated with IAAC, Barcelona and FAB LAB BARCELONA as research assistant earlier. Presently she is exploring fabrication techniques and materials through her projects and conducting several workshops on the same for her students here in New Delhi, India.

Toyesh Kumar Mondal - a dynamic, hardworking and dedicated Architect from New Delhi, India. Toyesh loves experimenting with materials and techniques and his eye for details has been the sole reason in realizing LightAct 2.0 into a reality. Having been associated with this proffession for over a decade, he enjoys his interactions with his students and co-workers.

  C13 (pav. 8) - Ranjini Manimudi; Toyesh Kumar Mondal

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