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Gooble Bike 2.0VR
Gooble Bike 2.0VR

Gooble Bike 2.0VR

The Gooble Bike is back!
The Gooble Bike, winner of the award “Focus for Makers” first edition of the Maker Faire Rome 2013, is now available with new features.
Besides cycling using a home trainer on specific/default routes on Google Street view simulating slopes detected from the maps, the new version allows free pedalling on all the street view maps choosing in real time the route by turning the handlebars.
In addition to the traditional 2D vision, now on a large dimension screen, the new Gooble Bike allows a subjective 3D 360° vision by a VR viewer.

Gooble Bike 2.0VR


The project Gooble Bike 2.0VR has been developed by a mixed team composed of students from 4th and 5th classes of the specializing course in ICT of IIS Belluzzi Fioravanti, Bologna, teachers, ex-graduated students and retired teachers from the same school.
The team of students, divided into sub-teams dealing with the main fields of development (controller, coomunications, web application, VR application and web server) according to their talents and competences have been coordinated by teachers from the school by means of extra curricular activities.
The development has been carried out through activities both in person in the ICT lab and online sharing information on the e-learning platform of the school.
The results of the work, fully carried out using open source license, can be shared and spread through GitHub platform.
The “Gooble Bike Crew”, a group of ex-students and an ex-teacher from the school who contributed providing their experience and skills in 2013 to the creation of the first Gooble Bike exhibited at the first edition of the Maker Faire held in Rome and winner of the prize “Focus for Makers”, has collaborated to the development of the new updated version.

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