Exhibitors 2017


Moji is an interactive game for children ages 3 to 4 who teaches them how to recognize emotions through the use of facial expressions, sounds and lights! The game is divided in two modes to accompany the child through learning: a light-driven mode and a sound-driven mode. The game, inspired by the Inside Out cartoon, aims to teach children to recognize the five principal emotions that are joy, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear through the facial expression composition that matches every emotion through the eyebrow, eyes and mouth. Every emotion corresponds to a color (joy = yellow) and a sound (sadness = crying). After a light or sound input from the game, the child can have fun turning the pentagons to compose the expression corresponding to sound or light; once the child manages to compose the expression in full, the game emits "good!" to make him understand that he has correctly composed the expression!


Zou Mengzuo, Sportelli Roberto, Piccolo Michela, Panciera Gabriele, Grassano Chiara

We are five Product Design students at European Institute of Design in Milan; we worked together on the Moji game for a six months university project! and now we would like to see our project exhibited at a fair like this!

  A16 (pav. 4) - M. Zou, R. Sportelli, M. Piccolo, G. Panciera, C. Grassano

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