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hArt - L'artista del XXI secolo
hArt - L'artista del XXI secolo

hArt - L'artista del XXI secolo

hArt is a robot capable of processing and transforming the data of a specific environment into an abstract work of art. It moves over a canvas in a seemingly random manner, drawing on the average calculations obtained from the atmospheric data it captured. It changes color thanks to the inputs it receives from the "cube", ie a reader equipped with several sensors: temperature, brightness, movement, noise and humidity. These sets of data are continuously transmitted to hArt who elaborates them by drawing on the canvas, changing color and/or speed as needed.

hArt - L'artista del XXI secolo


Riccardo Rolla, born in Rome on 23/03/1980, has a degree in Visual Communication and Multimedia from the University of Rome "La Sapienza". In 2013 he founded Artmix of which he is the coordinator of the design and creative departments.

Emanuele Petrungaro, born in Rome on 15/03/1979, has been working in the field of communication and interaction design since 2004 with extensive experience with international brands. He currently works at Artmix as a software production coordinator.

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