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COLIBRY - Unisex Threading Epilator
COLIBRY - Unisex Threading Epilator

COLIBRY - Unisex Threading Epilator

Colibry is the project of a young makeup-artist who wants to revolutionize the world of hair removal using and innovating an ancient oriental method.
Colibry was designed by studying threading method that utilizes a twisting motion of a doubled thread, thus trapping the hair.
The product is designated as revolutionary because of its sensitivity, long lasting effect, and cost.
Colibry acts directly and only on the hair, therefore it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin; it acts by plucking hair out from the root, eliminating hair follicles and making re-growth slower; it has competitive price and its materials ensure long-term use.

COLIBRY - Unisex Threading Epilator

di Cristina Melagrana

Charm is her philosophy. Her fame comes from her extraordinary sensitivity: with her delicate and almost dance-like gestures she is able to smooth your skin painlessly with an innovative epilation experience. She is constantly looking for new techniques to adopt, she manages to give great value to tradition and specific cultural practices, thus creating a unique climate of inspiration and energy.

  E11 (pav. 6)
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