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King Drink
King Drink

King Drink

The controller, represented by a SIEMENS S7 1200 CPU 1212C PLC, acquires the type of drink that the user wants via the Touch Screen BASIC PANEL KTP400 keyboard. The KTP400 panel communicates with the PLC via Hub, thus creating a piconet between PLC and KTP400.
Coins are inserted through the coin box. Once the customer confirms by pressing a button, the desired quantity displayed by display, passes to the delivery. Two pumps are activated to supply the beverage. A printer, connected to a PLC via RS232 serial connection, prints the receipt with the various information required.

King Drink

classi 5 Elettronica, 5 Elettrotecnica, 5 Meccanica Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico

The project group is characterized by pupils 19 year olds of the specialization Electronics, Electrotechnics and Mechanics of the Technical Technological Institute of Terni

  D19 (pav. 4) - ITT Allievi-Sangallo - Terni

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