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MIXARTISTA - Cocktail a regola d'arte da professionista!
MIXARTISTA - Cocktail a regola d'arte da professionista!

MIXARTISTA - Cocktail a regola d'arte da professionista!

MIXARTISTA technically and aesthetically is an innovative beverage dispenser. By installing up to 12 bottles, it is possible to create the most complex cocktails through scenic impact movements and, precise dosage, thanks to the art of mixology MIXARTISTA ensures perfect cocktails.
It is feasible to monitor and save the daily average consumption, as a result, optimization reduces drastically the beverage wastes.
MIXARTISTA as Made in Italy, is inspired in a sophisticated and innovative design; resulting appealing to delight customers, exclusive bars, hotels and catering services, who wish to stand out from the others.

MIXARTISTA - Cocktail a regola d'arte da professionista!

Leonardo Stamati - Dante Daniel Cruz Velasquez

Leonardo Stamati, born in Trebisacce, Italy, on May 4, 1993. Holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Science Engineering from the University of Bologna, where he is currently doing a specialization in Robotics; he is fascinated by live technology! Robots as a tool to improve everyday life. Continuously looking to develop new skills and to achieve new goals. Business Management, Product Development and Strategic Planning are his main skills business.

Dante Daniel Cruz Velasquez, born in Potosi, Bolivia on July 21, 1986. Graduated from the University of Bologna with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering; previously he studied Industrial Engineering at the Catholic Bolivian University. Passionate about prototyping and designing functional objects thanks to new technologies. With this project, he has gained professional experience in Business Management, Logistics, Product Development, Patents and Strategic Planning.

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