Exhibitors 2017

LED me love you!

We offer an exhibition of wedding dresses lit by LEDs. We open the doors to the amazing wearable technology, thanks to new experimentations and to an original approach: a unique use of common fabrics such as Satin, Tulle and Chiffon, wisely designed with stylish patterns and various shapes, combined with the use of the most modern microtechnology. This combination provides some impressive scenic effects with various styles: predefined colour sequences, automatic light dimmer and  LED animation based on music rhythm.


LED me love you!

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "U.Pomilio" -Chieti. Classi IV PTS (Produzioni Tessili Sartoriali) e III TEN (Tecnico Elettrico ed Elettronico)

The project has been developed, together, by two classes: 4 PTS (Fashion Course) and 3 TEN (Electrotechnic Course); the students designed and created a product of their own, following different steps: fabric and material research, development of new ideas, testing of new technologies and creation of a new product. During the various steps they worked according to the innovation and creativity standards.

  E11 (pav. 4) - IIS U. Pomilio - Chieti

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