Exhibitors 2017

Incisore laser 2D

This project consists in a little CNC machine (computer numerical control) that is able to make incisions on different materials through a laser ray recycled from a dvd player. The image to engrave is developed by a software that turns each point into x,y coordinates (gcode) and sends them through usb serial connection to a Arduino Mega microcontroller that is able to move the laser ray through two stepper motors, one for each coordinate.

Incisore laser 2D

Classe 5I a.s. 2013/14 - Indirizzo: “Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni” - I.I.S.S. "Agherbino" Putignano (Ba) sede di Noci

The class participating in the project was composed by two students that assisted in the school year 2013/2014, fifth-year senior of the school “Agherbino-Putignano” in the seat of Noci with the specialization in “electronics and telecommunication”. These two students in the previous school years had gained the perfect knowledge of the electronic components and they had achieved competencies expected by ministerial programs, they projected and realized a prototype of computer numerical control machine (CNC) using almost exclusively devices recycled by scrapped equipment. One of the two students improved this project the following year, continuing the collaboration with our school.

  C23 (pav. 4) - IISS A. Agherbino - Noci

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