Exhibitors 2017



The mini snes retrogaming, built at FabLab Belluno,
It combines the Rasp Pi electronics with the 3D Printer to create a universal open retrogaming platform.
We have customized the console controller using Arduino Esplora.
Using a Rasp Pi3 by joining it together with an Arduino Explorer, along with a small lcd monitor (obtained from a tabletop)
We could make a portable and customizable mini game console.
Thanks to the flexibility of RapPi we were able to give people the chance to relive the passion of countless old-fashioned video games, choosing between hundreds of different titles and consoles
(You can also view the game on a large 4K monitor also allowing the public to spend some time relaxing at our stand)


Nicola Pellegrinon

"FabLab Belluno" was born at the wish of the Centro Consorzi and Epta Group Spa. It is an open space dedicated to all people who want to get closer to the world of digital production. By means of an association card we give you the opportunity to take courses enabling the use of the machines and their subsequent use. The purpose is to educate the kids and keep in touch with the skilled people, to be able to use the machines and direct them to teamwork and problem solving.

Come visit our lab and enter the World of Digital Manufacturing and Shared Design, Hardware and Free Software, Sustainable Development.

A workshop open to fabber and makers at companies, professionals who share the project.

  C36 (pav. 8)
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