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Making Robo Magis
Making Robo Magis

Making Robo Magis

Visitors will experience how to make our open source robot with professional features. Robo Magis reaches 50 km/h with a 6-degree robotic arm, telemetry and driver-assistance systems. Our students (10-17 years) who have been involved in making the 60 robots will tutor on hardware, firmware and software. RoboMagis is controlled through the cloud with smartphone / tablet. It may integrate tele-presence, surveillance and support through the know-how of "OK Google" and the robot personality designed by the kids.

Making Robo Magis

Istituto M. Massimo, MakingOpen.net team coordinated by Claudio Becchetti with Fabio Topani head of R&D

MakingOpen.net is a team of professional volunteers (engineers, professors, doctors, entrepreneurs, ....) devoting their free time to organize advanced free open source courses related to hi-tec humanitarian projects. The team is based in the Istituto M. Massimo school of the Jesuit fathers in Rome.
Example of courses are Making Drones (60 students building their own professional drone achieving world record of maximum number of flying drones driven by kids). Making 3D Printers with 69 students (8-15 years old) building their 700 pieces 3D printer. Crowd4Africa: 15 students between the age of 15 and 17 organizing a winning crowdfunding campaign to donate two mini fab to African hospitals within this project a novel method to create prosthetics from bottle caps and no industrial devices has been designed. These courses experienced a wide echo within national and international media

  E23 (pav. 6) - Istituto M. Massimo, MakingOpen.net team

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