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Next Braille Machine
Next Braille Machine

Next Braille Machine

Visual Disabilities is at the heart of our development involving, our tool NBM, blind person, other people.
Our idea revolves around the problem of the blind and serves to propose an idea and implement a hardware/software/robotics solution for reading and showing the Braille code.
Using technology, a text is translated into a Braille code that our NBM will use appropriate mechanisms capable of dynamically "constructing" a brail character and "showing" it also through luminous coding.
At the same time, both the blind person and his assistant can easily learn and interact with braille.

Next Braille Machine

ISS Pitagora - Classi miste - Nome del gruppo: Next Nao

Group formed by students in "IT science" and from "Scienze applicate" at "ISS Secondary School Pitagora" in Pozzuoli, Naples.

The team is selected based on IT skills and technological aptitude. The students come from the third year and come from different classroom.

The team is focused in educational robotics, with participation in main national events and competitions.

  A2 (pav. 5) - ISS Pitagora - Pozzuoli (NA)

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