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Siena for All
Siena for All

Siena for All

Siena for All aims at overcoming some of the significant barriers that persons with disabilities face every day in experiencing urban contexts, its shops and services.
Thanks to a co-design process, persons with disabilities (final users), shopkeepers, designers and makers had identified difficulties and designed solutions: a working prototype system composed by: a mobile ramp to overcome easily steps and a smartphone application that helps sight impaired people in identifying the shop entrance.
All tangible elements are designed to be pleasant, useful for All and to diffuse a social inclusion culture.

Siena for All

Anmic Siena

Siena for All - winner of the call by Comune di Siena “SIENA DI&PER TUTTI 2017”; winning of the call by Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena "Volver 2018". Promoted by Associazione Anmic Siena, with the contribution of Associazione Paraplegici – Siena, Ufficio accoglienza disabili e Servizi DSA dell’Università di Siena, Fab Lab - Centro Servizi Santa Chiara Lab dell’Università di Siena, Associazione Culturing, Akaueb, the students of Istituto di Istruzione Superiore "T. Sarrocchi" and the designer Maria Rosanna Fossati (coordinator).

  A20 (pav. 6) - Anmic Siena

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