Exhibitors 2019


In this project wax design objects are created, real sculptures that, lightining candle inside, it creates a suggestive atmosphere in the ambient. The focus of the project is to divulge the processing behind each product to bring people closer to the handmade: everyone can participate to rediscover the pleasure of creating. An other objective is giveing a new dignity to the objects, unique pieces, whith a story to recount. A story that will never end: every candle consumed, or broken object, can have a new life in the hands of the craftsman thanks to the eco-sustainable feature of the initiative.


Fabrizio D'Eramo

At 19 yars old Fabrizio start his craftsman adventure. In the capital's laboratories, he gained experience and experimented innovative techniques to become a Master of Art. In 2016 he come back to L'Aquila, his city, to launch his ambitious project: ART-HOUSE CANDLE, where creativity, beauty and art come together to fascinate and make every space unique. He also teach the profession through private labs and schools.

  F22 (pav. 3) - Fabrizio D'Eramo

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