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Open LED Race
Open LED Race

Open LED Race

Open LED Race an minimalist cars race with a strip of smart LEDs and two switches.
In the basic game mode, is that the speed of the car is proportional to the pulsations of the control button, in the ascent ramps must be pressed more quickly to compensate for the effect of simulated gravity, in "arcade" mode in which on the track will happen things that will make you have to make decisions, fuel consumption, expenditure of tires, and must enter to boxes by a way of service and solve certain challenges to be able to continue the race.

Open LED Race

Singular Devices Maker Studio

Gerardo Barbarov Rostan - Luca Borsari - Ignacio Rodríguez Llinares

We are a maker team living in Seville, Spain, we are specialized in:

- Interactive art installations
- Technology for non-conventional advertising
- Adaptative technology for handicaped
- Automata Mechanisms and Mechanical Toys
- Technology for magicians and Scape Room , Museums

Contact: info@singulardevices.com

  E3 (pav. 6) - Singular Devices Maker Studio

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