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MecLab 4.0 - Meccatronica con App. IoT
MecLab 4.0 - Meccatronica con App. IoT

MecLab 4.0 - Meccatronica con App. IoT

Mec_Lab 4.0 - Mechatronics with App. IoT

Mec_Lab 4.0 is a Mechatronics IoT system (Internet of Things), able to reproduce on a scale model some steps of an industrial production process.

The integrated App. IoT allows to send the production data to a Cloud, as well as some enviromental sizes (Temperature, humidity and air quality (VOC)) in the workplace.

The remotely access monitoring of the enviromental standards in the workplace allows to check and grant a healthy and safe place based on the current safety rules.

The prototype worked by the students atteding the 4th and 5th year of a vocational school for electronics, with their teachers as supervisors. has had a strong didactic interdisciplinary value. The project has been a sort of integration of their school work experience.
Thanks to Arduino Meir ecLab 4.0 students can learn the basic concepts of mechanics, pneumatics, electronics and programming, besides, the App IoT, introduces the concept of Industry 4.0 where the availabity of the production data in a Cloud is important and essential, since they could remotely access be consulted with a mobile device: a Tablet, Smartphone, etc.

MecLab 4.0 is made up of:
Festo Manipulator
- shift of half-processed pieces
Festo Conveyor Belt
- Sideshift of pieces on the production line
Selector half-processed
- Sorting according to the type of materials
Electronica programmable Control Unit
- programmable unit for the running of the sensors and actuators as regards the mechanical and enviromental area

Wi-Fi Module
- Transmission of the production and enviromental data to the Cloud

MecLab 4.0 - Meccatronica con App. IoT

4 - 5 Elettronica - IPSIA "Antonio Guastaferro" - San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)

Some of the most proactive students attending the 4th and 5th year for electronics have always followed with active involvement and cooperation all the project steps that have been carried out under the supervision of their teachers during lessons in order to integrate their school work experience.

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