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Pin Bike
Pin Bike

Pin Bike

Pin Bike is the kit that turns your bike into a smart bike and rewards you for what you use it! Patented monitoring system (bicycle and car pooling) for mobility management.
PIN BIKE's main goal is to promote sustainable urban mobility, cycling and carpooling, with a "gamification" initiative. It is a patented system of monitoring and certification which directly involves the citizens by creating a bridge with the municipality in which they reside. [The initiative is also applicable to institutions or companies with a high number of workers] The project includes partnerships with the municipal administrations, giving them a practical tool for monitoring traffic by bike, and reward the citizens especially in the home / school and home / work trips.

Pin Bike

Nico Capogna (CEO)

Passionate and obstinate urban cyclist, as well as passionate about digital technologies, and how these can change the world (in a positive and proactive way). He is the administrator of a business services company, he manages the Corato Executive Center, a business center with conference rooms and executive offices, he is a partner of Capogna Autoservizi srl, a company specializing in the transport and installation of aids for the disabled, he is also a filmmaker. , director and producer for his audiovisual production company, CIDIEMME srl.
The idea of ​​certifying the movements by bike, at the base of the Pin Bike system, was born to the CEO and founder Nico Capogna when, four years ago, he went to visit a friend in Belgium, discovering, with great pleasure, that his friend perceived almost € 50.00 a month for the simple fact of riding a bicycle to work. Later he discovered that Belgium was among the precursors in the perspective of mileage reimbursements for sustainable mobility, keeping this form of incentive active, at a systematic level, since 1999, while Italy has managed to align itself with this type of measure ( proved to be highly efficient), only since 2018, thanks to a fund from the Ministry of the Environment.
In the trip to Belgium, Nico Capogna realized that there was no structured and anti-fraud system (beyond human control) to certify and then bestow mobility vouchers, for those who use bicycles in the city, or specifically, in home routes / school and home / work.

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