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RESTART - Artigianato Upcycling ed Economia Circolare
RESTART - Artigianato Upcycling ed Economia Circolare

RESTART - Artigianato Upcycling ed Economia Circolare

Restart is the first experience in the city of Rome that combines an activity of Artisan Coworking on Reuse with the idea of a Concept Store. Our lab, based on the ideals of sharing knowledge and re-using materials, is meant to be a place of experiential research in the field of craft and sustainability practices. At the moment there are three artists who animate the project: each of us is the bearer of artisan knowledge ranging from carpentry to goldsmith and weaving techniques, often combined in the context of functional and artistic reuse. A large part of the project is also represented by teaching activities: we organize workshops, courses and thematic workshops for both children and adults, using the methodology of learning by doing and cooperative working. Rooted in the territory of Roman suburbs, in the Cinecittà district, we also try to encourage good daily practices for sustainability: in addition to advocating recycling, we propose our space as a collection point for various materials such as VHS, vinyl records, pallets and fabrics that we transform into upcycling objects.
We produce several kinds of handcrafted items, mostly with waste materials: furnishing objects (bookcases, tables, shelves, sofas, etc.), furnishing accessories (lamps, portavino, home decor objects), works of art (in the form of sculptures, installations or artist's books), jewels. We work on commission both to carry out the projects of the clients, and to create wirkshops based on upcycling with specific purposes ( ex.: team building, skill learning).

RESTART - Artigianato Upcycling ed Economia Circolare

Restart / Laura Bernard, Marco Lucino, Paolo Sancamillo

Restart project was born in 2012 as a creative workshop focused on handicraft and recycling. Based on the philosophy of sharing, it comes to life in the local market "Piscine di Torre Spaccata" in Rome within a wider project of redevelopment of the neighborhood, from an idea of ​​the Committee of Local Development and the "Fabbrica dei Sogni", associations that have been fighting for years with the institutions for the recovery and protection of the territory. From the very beginning, within Restart, craftsmen of different backgrounds alternate: as well as producing, they try to disseminate knowledges and skills acquired over the years.
Currently the project includes 3 resident makers: Laura Bernard, Marco Lucino and Paolo Sancamillo.
Laura Bernard is an artisan with twenty years of experience in the macramé technique. Particularly fascinated by artistic reuse, she is currently experimenting with loom weaving starting from recycled materials.
Marco Lucino works mainly metals with goldsmith techniques: a nomad craftsman by vocation and passion, he creates interior furnishings using vhs, vinyls, bathtubs and other stuff.
Paolo Sancamillo, an expert carpenter, creates furniture and objects. His relationship with upcycling consists of combining technical skills with a whimsical mind, giving life to waste objects that he transforms into original lamps and fun furnishing accessories.

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