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Conta passaggi pista ciclabile
Conta passaggi pista ciclabile

Conta passaggi pista ciclabile

User traffic analysis along a cycle path (runners, cyclists, walkers) is fundamental for development and maintenance operations planned by public agencies.
A valuable tool also for citizens: no longer single individuals, but a living community able to count and organize itself to call attention from local government.
Unfortunately, products on the market are expensive and public officials not always interested in this matter. Hence the idea of make a low cost counter adopting Arduino.
The prototype, which has been in operation for six months, provides data to support citizen involvement in public decisions.

Conta passaggi pista ciclabile

Associazione Promozione Sociale SalvaiCiclistiRoma

Activists involved in the defense and promotion of a cycle path through user traffic monitoring.

  E9 (pav. 3)
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