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Air Cloud
Air Cloud

Air Cloud

AirCloud is a modular home automation system for monitoring air quality at home and at school. The current version is able to measure Temperature, Humidity, CO2, PM10, PM2.5, VOC. The project has evolved in recent months in the laboratories of the IIS Volterra-Elia of Ancona and has been tested in some classrooms. With AirCloud it was possible to verify the effective strong variation of the quality of the air during the hours of lessons in crowded classes.
AirCloud presents itself to two different targets:
School: necessary, economical and complete (applicable also in a company context);
Home: modular, functional and design.
The project is compatible with virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa. AirCloud interfaces with Alexa to send signalling messages, receive voice commands and issue commands to compatible actuators.

Air Cloud

Studenti della Classe 5AO AS 2018-2019 IIS Volterra-Elia Ancona

The project team is composed of three students of the 5th year of the Electronics course who took care of all the hardware and software technical aspects, and a high school girl who looked after the identity and appearance.

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