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campo de fiori rieti
campo de fiori rieti

campo de fiori rieti

the ns. project consists in using fabric waste material to reinvent products for everyday use. We use shirts, pullovers, curtains, towels ect. Through the art of sewing, even with the use of an electric sewing machine and a latest generation embroidery machine, we reinvent and create new products, home furnishings, items for personal use, items for children, accessories unique and original and finally also personalized jewels and key rings. From the shirts we create aprons, bibs, placemats ect, from old pulls even felted we create hats, bags and beautiful scarves, from old curtains we create cloth boxes, beautiful clothes for dolls, out of town, bracelets, key rings ect. the ns. goal is to reduce waste, promote a virtuous circular economy and indicate an eco-friendly path that is easy to access for everyone and present unique and original products created by us.

campo de fiori rieti

cristiana luisa marconcini, rita audino, giorgia pietraforte e valentina pietraforte

the ns. Crew is composed of 4 formidable women elements:
Christian Marconcini, teacher and creative, has taught in creative sewing courses, always with a passion for recycling and committed to promoting a true smart city
rita audino, a creative woman and tutor in many creative sewing courses, a perfect hunter of recycled materials
giorgia and valentina pietraforte two talented students of recycling and perfect creatives following social media

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