Exhibitors 2019

Steampunk 99

Realization of objects and gadgets Steampunk and not handmade or with the help of electronic design and numerical control machines such as 3D printers, laser cutting, hot wire cutting and CNC milling.

Steampunk 99

Paolo Orsini, Natalia Kalinska, Diego Di Fabio, Lisa Tedeschini, Eliana Esposito, Emanuela Migliozzi.

Steampunk 99 is an association of enthusiasts dedicated to the spread of Steampunk culture in all its forms through the handcrafted production of clothing, gadgets and Victorian-themed accessories.

  H17 (pav. 3) - P.Orsini, N.Kalinska, D.Di Fabio, L.Tedeschini, E.Esposito, E.Migliozzi.

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