Exhibitors 2019


Geomatica is a game for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity. Usually they have the habit of eclipsing themselves as being too exuberant; with Geomatica, a team game that involves both mentally and physically we aim to immerse them in a complete and collaborative gaming experience.
The children will see a polygonal figure appear on a screen. The playful process consists of being able to mentally abstract the primary forms from which the latter is characterized, finding the companion with the complementary form and inserting as first the cards inside the shell. This will determinate the team's victory.
The aim of the project is to offer these children a collaborative experience by feeling part of a group.


Jocelyn Grace Pericotti, Tommaso Formica, Marco Diliberto, Alessandro Belotti

We are students of Product Design at IED Milan. Our mission is to change the point of view of what surrounds us, from the simple to the complex.
Design means giving a smile, improving people's lives, giving a new perspective to society.

  A37 (pav. 7) - J. G. Pericotti, T. Formica, M. Diliberto, A. Belotti

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