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PePp' is a little plastic man coming from the future. He wants to inform us that we have to respect and love our planet if we don't want to become as him: little plastic men.
We want to follow PePp's advice! So we decided to start using plastic in a consciou way , and to try to give it a new life inventing new recycling techniques that everyone can use... even at home.


Daniele Leandri, Beppe Pennesi, Ambra Pascarella, Guido Leandri

Daniele Leandri, born in 1975 has an Industrial Design Degree and works with informatics, electronic and .. obviously ... with design since a very long time. He was present at all the previous editions of MakerFaire.

Ambra Pascarella, 35 years old, I'm a designer, DSA tutor, mom and... scuba divers! I love the sea, and I'm so grate to work with my crew at this project.

Beppe Pennesi, born in Melfi (Basilicata) in 1984. Moved in Rome to study Industrial Design, about 15 years ago. I'm a freelance designer and photographer. I work for different associations and companies.

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