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Dal caos all'opportunità: Katelab
Dal caos all'opportunità: Katelab

Dal caos all'opportunità: Katelab

The collaboration between Interior designer, Carpenter and Rehabilitator has allowed the creation of project that identifies the person as the fulcrum of thougth, her path thet took place 4 years before, as well as the cohabiting family system. Physical and visual field limitations then, later on, we tried to amplify the design thinking by merging functional variables without losing sight of the importance of space shared with her sister

Dal caos all'opportunità: Katelab

Katelab. Anna Zaniboni, Marina Bonsi, Pamela Sambri, Francesco Gurioli

Anna Zaniboni: is born on 11/10/1973, is an interior to 1995
Marina Bonsi: is born on 11/12/1982 is an administrative counselor to 2001
Pamela Sambri: is born on 05/03/1981 is an riabilitatrice to 2005 and psycologist to 2019
Francesco Gurioli: is born on 06/02/1977 is an artisan to 1998

  Pamela Sambri

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