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Smart Working

Smart Working

The work reality of an employee is now changing in favor of open space with collaborative groups that change over time or remote workers, so the concept of workstation assigned to each employee is now out of date.

From this point of view the realization of workstations meant in the classical way leads to some logistic and energy inefficiencies.

It becomes necessary to be able to identify and optimally manage just the occupied workstations in order to optimize: Energy consumption due to lighting or air conditioning, consumption due to the operation of technology equipment or air-handling units.

Smart Working

Cool Projects srl

Cool Projects SRL is active in the research of new technologies in the areas of digital electronics and software development.
Comprising of a highly qualified development team, the company offers innovative and customised solutions aimed at the control and supervision of the facilities.
The fields of the applications are closely related to the core business of the company, i.e.: Building Management System, Data Center Control System, Lifts Control System, Network Management, System Administration

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