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Hive-Tech is an innovative IoT monitoring system for hives. Its sensors collect information about weight, temperature, humidity, and sound. The data are gathered in the cloud and analyzed, helping to identify diseases and anomalies. Algorithms will be developed to predict and prevent bees' diseases and thus reducing the mortality rate. This system will change the way in which apiaries are managed, moving from the use of chemicals to a data-driven solution, and helping beekeepers to reduce costs and improve production. The device can be easily adapted to other farm animals (pigs, broiler).


Niccolò Calandri, Riccardo Balzaretti

Niccolo Calandri, PhD: CEO&Product Developer. Born in 1989 in Como, Italy, in 2011 he graduated with honors in Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, in 2013, he graduated with honors in Electronic Engineering, always at the same university. In February 2017, he obtained his doctorate in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. During his doctorate, he worked for a year and a half at the University of Sydney, at the Center of quantum Computing and Communication, and at the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.
Riccardo Balzaretti, PhD: Data Analyst and Beekeeper. Born in 1988 in Como, Italy, in 2011 he graduated from the Insubria University of Varese with a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences. At the same university, in 2013 he graduated with honors in Biology and, in December 2016, he obtained his doctorate in Biology. In June 2015 and from June to August 2016 he worked with BCNI lab at the UCD in Dublin.

  D9 (pav. 3) - Niccolò Calandri, Riccardo Balzaretti

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