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I.B.P. (Intelligent Baby Pillow)
I.B.P. (Intelligent Baby Pillow)

I.B.P. (Intelligent Baby Pillow)

“IBP”, meaning Intelligent Baby Pillow, is an anti abandonment system for children left in the car. It consists of a Pillow, colour customizable, washable and very thin, supported by an electronic system which warn parents if they get out of a car without the baby.
The Pillow can be placed on every kind of approved car seat. The device has a bluetooth connection allowing parents to use it with the phone. In case of more than the distance allowed, personalized in the app, the device calls the phone of specific people saved as an emergency contact and activates an acoustic alarm.

I.B.P. (Intelligent Baby Pillow)

ISTITUTO TECNICO TECNOLOGICO "L. DA VINCI" DI VITERBO CLASSE: 3^B ad indirizzo Informatica e Telecomunicazioni (articolazione INFORMATICA)

We are third year computer science high school students of the “Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Statale L. Da Vinci” in Viterbo, class 3 B. We all attended the entrepreneurship education program “Impresa in Azione” promoted by JA Italia (junior achievement) identified as an Alternating School Work by MIUR. In addition to the theoretical aspect of the entrepreneurship, the training involves the creation of a simulated company, from the concept to the realization of a product with specific details such as new and improved compared to an already existing product on the market. In each of the three events we took part, our product occurred with five of our colleagues because of logistical problems.

  D16 (pav. 5) - ITTS L.Da Vinci - Viterbo (VT)

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