Exhibitors 2019


Sabrota-bag is a shopper bag that turns into a backpack thanks to the scrolling handles. It is totally
realized through the reuse of fabrics, coming from waste processing of local textile factories, and
historical fabrics in handmade hemp recovered in a farmhouse near Asti. Model with an adaptable
and unisex design, “branded” with a brand that refers to the legend of Sabrota the “masca” of Asti
(witch of the Piedmontese folklore) that turned from a witch to a cat. Infact the intention is to evoke
a "Magical" bond with the traditions of the territory. A green product, with strong historical roots and
a look to the future.


Classe 4 M IIS Alberto Castigliano, Asti

We are students at 4th year of "Moda e Abbigliamento" course at the vocational school “ A.
Castigliano” in Asti. In the school year just finished we had the opportunity of working togheter in
order to solve a problem we think really important: eco-sustainable fashion.

  A12 (pav. 5) - IIS A. Castigliano - Asti (AT)

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