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Pedaliera e volante stile Maker
Pedaliera e volante stile Maker

Pedaliera e volante stile Maker

Hi everyone, I made a steering wheel and a pedal board that simulates a joystick.

I decided to carry out this project because I am a racing fan.

Since playing with the keyboard or with a joystick became more and more boring, I looked for a driving simulator on amazon but the prices were a bit high.

For a few days I thought about how to make a driving simulator with lower costs and wandering around the internet I got an idea. This project is a pedal board and a maker style joystick, in fact it was printed with a plasma laser and folded with a hydraulic press, I used 3 potentiometers: accelerator, brake, steering wheel. All this controlled with arduino using the UnoJoy library which allowed me to simulate a Joystick, what this means, when I connect the arduino to the PC it is not read as arduino but Joystick.

 It is possible to use it with any game, for the respect I made a video on Youtube only of the steering wheel here is the link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCQKoZ5gcmk&t=1s) is a DIY project but with this does not mean that the details have not been taken care of, I am attaching the photos below. Hope you like it !!

Pedaliera e volante stile Maker

Giovanni Mannara

Giovanni Mannara (Salerno, 5 May 1999) to share his passion and his ideas opened a YouTube channel called Ingeimaks, where he publishes videos about technology and programming, but above all the realization of various innovative projects. This passion for programming was born thanks to the Arduino Co-founder, Massimo Banzi, who, by distributing a card called Arduino, attracted Giovanni's attention.

  E40 (pav. 8) - Giovanni Mannara

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