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New Tech.IO
New Tech.IO

New Tech.IO

We live in a reality where everything seems digitized but it's not what it looks like. There is still a lot of information communicated in a traditional way. Our product has the task of making the information arrive clear and in a swift way. Our team has created small displays/monitors able to communicate the requested information clearly and quickly. The small-sized product economical and adaptable to customer requirements , is currently designed for two types use :
• office information monitor used for reading communications in digital format replacing unsightly sheets of paper;
• table monitor used in conferences with personal identification badges

New Tech.IO

3 A/C; 3 A/T; 3 D/M

Our team is born from the merger of three classes belonging to different study fields (economic, mechanical and mechatronic). We are a team founded on the collaboration and on the common sharing of the passion for technology, with the purpose of making our world a more advanced place.
Taking advantage of the specific skills of each class, inexpensive and innovative products have been created to be launched on the market

  D47 (pav. 5) - IO Salvatorelli-Moneta - Marsciano (PG)

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