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Industruino was created by Loic & Ainura, two product designers with a passion for design and innovation.
Industruino is designed to bridge a gap that currently exists between the traditional automation worlds and rapidly evolving open source eco-systems such as Arduino. Industruino's core motivation is to create hardware that can stand up to the challenges of harsh industrial environments and real-world system installations that have to run for many years reliably, without sacrificing the ease of use of an Arduino development environment.
Come and visit our booth to discuss how you can adapt your electronics projects for robust long term installation or how you can tap into a world of industrial sensors and actuators for your next project. Whether you are building a micro-brewery, manufacturing plant or home automation system, we can help.


Loic De Buck

Loic started experimenting with electronics as a child in Belgium, always dreaming of being an inventor. He studied product design in Antwerp and London, because that was the closest thing to being an inventor. After his studies he moved to China because that's where the supply chain was. Together with his wife Ainura he created Industruino, an automation platform that bridges the worlds of makers and industrial automation.

  E7 (pav. 8) - Industruino

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