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Il metodo di co-design per l'healthcare

Nowadays care and health have technologies at their disposal that could transform them, bettering the quality of life of people living with disabilities. They are new tools that allow to adapt, personalise and create new effective solutions. To do this, the contribution of different people working together, such as designers, makers, therapists, doctors, people with disabilities and their caregivers, is required. The method conceived by OpenDot with TOG, is based on co-design and facilitates processes involving and stimulating creativity to innovate healthcare through technologies and inclusiveness.

Il metodo di co-design per l'healthcare

OpenDot Fab Lab

OpenDot was founded in 2014 by Dotdotdot, the multidisciplinary design studio established in Milan in 2004. OpenDot is a Fab Lab, a research and open innovation hub, a space dedicated to rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, and experimentation. OpenDot generates changes that find in open source and technological know-how an opportunity for growth on an educational, design and production level. It offers consulting services to companies, foundations, universities, private and public corporations and develops highly complex design paths and educational programs precisely focusing on innovation.

  A24 (pav. 6) - OpenDot Fab Lab

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