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‘Story telling through Textile Art’
‘Story telling through Textile Art’

‘Story telling through Textile Art’

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. At garment manufacturing units, a lot of fabric gets disposed right from the cutting stage.
Through this project I want to introduce a method to solve the immediate problem of textile waste and looking at this kind of fabric through an artistic lens.

I propose to create a series of textile art using the traditional textiles of India. Each location has its own unique identity and charm. I plan to capture the essence of the city/village I stay in using ‘katran’- the pre-consumer textile waste, of that region and creating different textures and sheets of fabric. These artworks will be made in the size of a stole with the idea of being worn and adding a layer of function to my art.

‘Story telling through Textile Art’

Swati Soharia Studio

A 2011 graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, I specialize in knitwear design. My staunch belief in frugal design and innovation led me to experiment early on with various materials and forms. After being exposed to the wasteful nature and exploitative practices of modern garment retail and visual merchandising, I worked towards raising awareness about the dangers of fast fashion and promote more responsible consumer behaviour in fashion retail.
I took a 'one year pledge of not buying new clothes', and upcycled my old clothes to make new, trendy and wearable garments. This idea evolved into the launch of my label in 2017
To promote responsible design practices, I continue to take guest lectures at top tier fashion institutions. I collaborate with businesses and civil society to promote conscious consumerism.
The Sustainable lifestyle label-'Swati Soharia Studio' is a natural outcome of my love for fashion and passion for sustainable living. I train and employ women from marginalized communities to up-cycle waste fabric into wearable art.
I like to explore the potential of frugal materials in my art and love to give a function to the artwork, like a garment piece, a functional accessory etc.
The association of sustainability and making sense out of waste has always been a focal point in my work. I don’t see waste materials as waste but as sources of inspiration for an entirely different product.

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