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RIscARTI festival internazinale di riciclo creativo 7°edizione

RiscARTI festival is a collective exhibition of recycled objects (installations, sculptures, arts and design), a stage for Performance (eco-music, theatre, dance); a working table for adults and children. RiscARTI entrusts to the arts its message of sustainability, ennobling the waste of the consumer society, to support a cultural and ethical rebirth, so as to ensure future generations a planet livable. The culture and art of recycling, teaching us to recover and re-assemble pieces, to adopt lifestyles in defense of the environment, are a creative solutions to the energetic crisis of the planet.
Throw your garbage into a art's work!

RIscARTI festival internazinale di riciclo creativo 7°edizione

Riscarti Fest

RiscARTI is a container of artists and recyclers. Since 2013 in Rome, it is a multidisciplinary and independent festival, 200 artists active collaborations, including Michelangelo Pistoletto with the art work "i temp(l)i cambiano". Ennoble the objects that have exhausted their life cycle and re-present them in an artistic capacity: sculptures, musical instruments, design, installations and real works of art of recycling to communicate the beauty of recycling. Until today 9 countries have participated with more than 200 projects

  B1 (pav. 3) - Riscarti Fest

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