Exhibitors 2019



The European Holomakers project approaches high school students to the study of STEM subjects, thanks to new teaching methods, such as the creation of holograms and the processing of virtual images.
Makers and digital artists have worked with students to create a digital artwork, through holograms, on the theme of identity. At the Maker Faire 2019 the Fondazione Mondo Digitale presents the results of the project and the artistic installation.


Fondazione Mondo Digitale

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) is committed to the creation of an inclusive learning society in which innovation, instruction, inclusion and fundamental values are all combined to work together. The potential benefits offered by learning, new technologies and innovation must be made available to everyone without any form of discrimination. The FMD mission is to promote the sharing of human knowledge, social innovation, and social inclusion, with particular orientation to the categories at greatest risk of being excluded (the elderly, immigrants, unemployed young people, etc.).

  D5 (pav. 7) - Fondazione Mondo Digitale

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