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Materiali tessili da fonti rinnovabili
Materiali tessili da fonti rinnovabili

Materiali tessili da fonti rinnovabili

The challenge regarding the sustainability of the textile industry takes place through the optimization of the resources available both in terms of raw materials and of technology and processes. This project shows how surpluses (animal fibers such as wool) and waste (fibers from pineapple leaves and polysaccharides extracted from cladodes of Opuntia ficus indica) can be re-used in order to produce new materials for conventional applications (clothing, furnishings) or technical ( medicine, filtration, personal protective equipment) even with high added value.

Materiali tessili da fonti rinnovabili

Riccardo Andrea Carletto, Alessio Varesano, Claudia Vineis

Riccardo Andrea Carletto is a researcher of Italian National Research Council CNR-STIIMA in Biella. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and got his PhD in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering. His research interest and activity is related to new products/processes development from renewable sources, innovative materials for textile industry, biotechnology and nanotechnology.
Alessio Varesano took a degree in Chemical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy). Since 2005, he has been working at CNR, National Research Council of Italy as a researcher. His main research activities deal with the development of innovative textile materials and new finishing for textiles (electrically conducting polymers, antimicrobial finishing, nanoparticles) and electrospinning.
Claudia Vineis is a researcher of the National Research Council CNR-STIIMA in Biella. She is responsible for Biological Laboratory. Her main activities are in the field of study and characterization of biopolymers, mainly structural proteins; development of analytical methods for distinguish fine animals hairs; synthesis and analysis of new antimicrobial finishing for textiles; preparation and characterization of nanofibres by means of electrospinning process; fibre science and processing; fibre testing, structure and properties of textile materials. She is author of more than 60 papers on international peer-reviewed journals, 7 book chapters and 2 patents.

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