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IrenFox SteamPunk
IrenFox SteamPunk

IrenFox SteamPunk

Hey. My name is Iren. I'm from Ukraine. I was born in the small town of Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region. In 2010, I began to make simple products from grandfathers watches with the help of tools and wire. Then I studied the properties of epoxy resin jewelry. I saw how girls make pendants with resin from flowers. I thought that I could do the same with the use of watch parts. So I became the first masters in Ukraine who make steampunk jewelry with resin. My workshop since 2010. All the goods I do personally from real watches. This is my only and main job. I work a lot every day. On weekends I take part in markets and exhibitions.

IrenFox SteamPunk

Proskurina Iryna

Proskurina Irina
Date of birth: 08/24/1989
Hometown: Severodonetsk, Lugansk region.
Accommodation: since 2014 Kiev

from 2010 to 2013;
Luhansk National University named after Taras Shevchenko;
Tourism Manager;

from 2007 to 2010;
Severodonetsk Institute for Advanced Studies Qualification Training and Retraining;
The organization of service in hotels and tourist complexes;
Junior Specialist;

from 1996 to 2007;
Severodonetsk school â„–4;

From 2010 to this day I am the founder of the first Ukrainian workshop of steampunk jewelry and accessories “Iren Fox”. This is my main work. I take monthly participation in city, regional, All-Ukrainian and international exhibitions of applied art. From 2014 I rent a room and working in own workshop.
At the moment, my workshop was awarded 27 diplomas and certificates for active participation in exhibitions and the development of applied art. I maintain constant contact and friendly relations with the organizers of Kiev exhibitions and festivals (“Courage Bazaar”, “All Your Own”, “Tattoo Collection”, Comic Con, Kiev Steam Con and many others).

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