Exhibitors 2019


A children’s play area that allows them to learn about coding and Italian by playing with puzzles that can be reassembled in infinite manners. Each puzzle piece has a specific shape, colour and word (in Italian and Arabic). The hexagonal pieces, developed with a laser cutter, are scanned for colour recognition to provide the name of the figure on the puzzle piece and its translation in Italian. The play area is composed of an interactive floor that mirrors the puzzle theme. Children can move about and learn about words in Italian as in a treasure hunt.


Daniele Vigo

Daniele Vigo is a twenty-one year-old student in Mechanical Engineering at La Sapienza, he worked at Blind House (his father's company), learning the different methods of craftsmanship, he had experience in digital manufacturing with Fondazione Mondo Digitale, where he still works as digital trainer. Creator of Polygonal continues to work and train in the use of new technologies and new techniques of digital fabrication.

  A11 (pav. 7) - Polygonal by Daniele Vigo

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