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Opuntia ficus indica (OFI) is considered a 'treasure under thorns' not only for nutritional and ecological characteristics of the plant, but also for its by-products value. Cladodes, which represent the main pruning waste (over 100 q/ha), are rich in mucilage, a hydrocolloid which is source of numerous 'biobased' products. ENEA BIOAGPROBIO and CNR-STIIMA (Biella) are collaborating to develop nanofibre-based electrospinning membranes, using extracts of prickly pear cladodes as a raw material.


Loretta Bacchetta, Silvia Procacci

LORETTA BACCHETTA She graduated in Agricultural Sciences (1985) with professional qualification in 1986; she have been working at ENEA Laboratory PROBIO since 1993. She is teaching of ‘Crop Production of Quality’ (tree species) a Degree Course at University of ROMA3, Scienze Enogastronomiche. Senior researcher in characterization and conservation of plant genetic resources, coordinated European and national projects on agro-biodiversity of dried fruit species. She has conducted studies on methodologies for biochemical assessment of food and non-food plant systems using biotechnology. She has experience in assistance to farmers; as expert on dry fruit and Opuntia ficus indica, she has been invited in China and Mexico. She carries out training activities to students, PhD candidates and fellows. She has more than 40 publications and she is co-authors in 2 books.
SILVIA PROCACCI Biologist Researcher at ENEA Casaccia Center in Rome since 1999. As part of the activities of the SSPT BIOAG PROBIO laboratory, she is involved in Research Projects for the creation of new products from natural raw materials (functional foods, bioproducts) by innovative agri-food processes and technologies. In particular her activities concern extraction and characterization of antioxidant compounds, fibers and other high added value biomolecules from plant and animal raw materials by HPLC chromatographic analysis and spectrophotometric techniques.

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