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OneBoard is an all-in-one board for the control of small format CNC machines with 2 axes and one or more tools.
Firmware, electronic and electrical components on one board only to control all the elements of a CNC machine; no other connection is more needed
The heart of the board is an ATmega 328P controller and it may host directly a computational module, such as Raspberry Pi Zero W, on it.
The board already hosts drivers for unipolar motors and, at the same time, it is also ready for the easy plugging of drivers for bipolar motors, through a dedicated shield.
Both the firmware for the main board and the web app are dedicated and coded entirely by FabLab Napoli, but the board it is entirely open source and "fabable".


Antonio Grillo, Carlo Colella, Salvatore Di Benedetto, Stefano Russo

Antonio Grillo is FabLab Napoli Lab Manager, he teaches Interaction Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in the Course of New Technologies of Art.
He also works as a consultant for digital manufacturing applications and technologies for an important Italian company, working mainly in R&D and training.
He's also a McNeel certified trainer for Rhinoceros and Grasshopper (ART - Authorized Rhino Trainer).

Salvatore Di Benedetto. Software Engineer by education, Process Analyst by profession, he is a passionate supporter of the Maker and Open Source culture. As part of the digital fabrication projects, he mainly deals with software development (C, C ++, Python, JavaScript, ...), hardware / software integration and systems engineering aspects.

Carlo Colella, social hacker. An electronic production expert, he also has a strong passion for "machines that create machines". Putting together more technologies and digital manufacturing techniques for complex products is his best attitude at FabLab Napoli.

Stefano Russo is a project manager at FabLab Napoli, he works as business developer as freelance; he's very curious about innovation and digital fabrication so he has been exploring different aspects and technologies together with the other and more tech-skilled members of FabLab Napoli.

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