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Fi.Co,  Finger.Counting
Fi.Co,  Finger.Counting

Fi.Co, Finger.Counting

Fi.Co is a project of the Health&Care Summer School, organized by the Fab Lab OpenDot within the "Distributed Design Market Platform".

FI.CO, an acronym for Fingers Counting, is the pair of gloves that allows children with dyscalculia to learn, understand and memorize math, in particular, the table numbers. Starting from the second grade, at the age of seven, the children begin to learn the table numbers for this reason FI.CO is aimed at children aged 7 to 10 years.

FI.CO is a useful tool with which children play while learning, making arithmetic calculations and tables number easier and relieving stress and anxiety related to homework.
It is scientifically proven that counting with fingers can help the brain to memorize and this process is particularly useful, especially for the child with dyscalculia. The gloves have fixed and changeable printed numbers. The fixed numbers (from 1 to 10) are positioned on the back of the hand. On the palm instead, the child will be able to see the result of the multiplication. The results are printed on the interchangeable layer. In the packaging, there are two levels for each table number and the layers are replaceable on the glove.


Fi.Co,  Finger.Counting

Federica Caruso, Serpil Erdönmez, Lara Ferruccio, Martina Spinelli, Marco Bencivenga

Federica Caruso
I am a current student of Product Design at Politecnico di Milano but I have almost finished my studies. Thinking about it, “curious” is the adjective that could adequately define who I am. I always look for something new to know and to experiment with. In my opinion, design means new challenges, new fields to explore, needs and people to understand.
I spent six months in London last year, and this has enhanced the flexibility of my personality. I’m really glad whenever asked to adapt and integrate in different social communities. I like working with other people and I believe that the team is a way to exchange skills and enrich projects.

Martina Spinelli
The only thing I have no doubt about is my name, Martina Spinelli. My educational background began by studying visual arts at the highschool of Brera and continued with a three-year degree in product design. I've been studying a semester abroad in San Francisco, I'm trying to continue my studies in the field of design, helping out, doing some volunteer work. waiting to get into a master.

Serpil Erdönmez
I am a product designer who is always curious about what happens around her and try to solve problems to make people lives a bit better. I am from Turkey and making MSc in Integrated Product Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Marco Bencivenga
Transversal thinker, I work across industries including workplace, healthcare, government and culture, investigating the way people interact with each other and the space.
Architect based in London, I develop spatial strategies, designing creative and collaborative environments, delivering projects via codesign and design thinking methodologies.

Lara Ferruccio
I am a product designer interested in everything related to design and innovation. After graduating at the Politecnico of Turin I moved to Milan and now I'm attending a master in innovation design at IED Milan

  B1 (pav. 6) - F. Caruso, S. Erdönmez, L. Ferruccio, M. Spinelli, M. Bencivenga

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