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 CNR4All – RoFlEx fa

CNR4All – RoFlEx fa "luce" sulla fluorescenza! – Exhibit robotico per didattica e divulgazione

RoFlEx is a robotic exhibit intended as an attractive and effective tool for science communication. It is aimed at the demonstration and illustration of the fluorescence phenomenon and related processes through the execution of fully-automated or user-guided sets of experiments involving light and matter. To increase the didactic efficacy of the experience, the tested substances all derive from products in common use. The exhibit is controlled by moving a series of transparent cubes, allowing the selection either of single experiments (in this case the cube contains the product to be tested), or of the automatic full sequence of experiments, or the language of the explanatory slides accompanying the experiences. RoFlEx is also equipped with a chemical reactor to perform a fluorescence quenching experiment.
RoFlEx represents both an “end-product” for teaching and science communication, and an example of relatively-cheap equipment for such purposes. In its present form, it is already a mature museum exhibit, only requiring periodic replacements of labile products and refilling/emptying of reagents/products used in the reactor. Previous teaching and dissemination experiences demonstrated the enormous impact of such devices, especially to illustrate complex or scarcely-appealing subjects.
Furthermore, the acquired knowledge and some components developed for this exhibit can be usefully employed to design “low-cost” lab equipment and devices dedicated to special tasks for which no commercial alternatives are available.


 CNR4All – RoFlEx fa

Pietro Amodeo (ICB-CNR), Francesco Castelluccio (ICB-CNR), Salvatore Donadio (ICB-CNR), Alessandra Rocco (INO-CNR), Simona Mosca (INO-CNR), Maria Parisi (INO-CNR), Valentina Di Sarno (INO-CNR), Gianluca Notariale (INO-CNR) - a cura di: MoSeF – ICB-CNR,

Dr Pietro Amodeo is CNR Senior Researcher at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, Pozzuoli (NA). His research fields are Computational Chemistry and Cheminformatics. In 2015 he founded MoSeF (“Molecole Senza Frontiere”, Molecules Without Borders, http://mosef.na.cnr.it), a network of institutions interested in promoting the knowledge of Chemistry and its relationships with other disciplines and everyday life. MoSeF designs and realizes exhibits and activities targeted for events such as science festivals or exhibitions. The activities are generally designed to maximize interactivity and involvement and to suit to the widest ranges of ages and skills of participants. MoSeF involves in its activities partners from very different areas, like schools, cultural associations and private companies. In particular, schools are deeply involved in the overall projects, since students are trained in our labs and/or at school (with the contribution of personnel from MoSeF network) and then employed to demonstrate experiments, activities and exhibits during the public events. Dr Amodeo has coordinated MoSeF participations to several local and international Science Festivals and exhibition, including four editions of the eldest European Science Festival, “Futuro Remoto” in Naples, one edition of “Festival della Scienza” in Genoa, the Opening Ceremony of the “Corporea” Museum at “Città della Scienza” in Naples.

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