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Humans and robots: a symbiotic future

Humans and robots: a symbiotic future

Come learn about the science behind human locomotion with your new robot companion. With every step we take, we lose some energy every time our heel hits the ground. Then we need to add energy to compensate for this energy loss. Our robots overcome this energy loss through trunk motion, controlled by you! Then the robot body (and ours as well!) simply travels over the leg on the ground, very much like an inverted pendulum. Come play with our robots, test them on flat and uneven ground, and learn about how we walk!

Humans and robots: a symbiotic future

Ingenuity Labs Research Institute

The Ingenuity Labs Research Institute is a collaborative research initiative at Queen’s University focused on creating intelligent systems and robotic machines that enhance human productivity, safety, performance, and quality of life. Our expertise spans a continuum—from artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber-human systems, to robot control, smart sensors, and mechatronic devices. Through creativity, collaboration, and invention, our researchers strive to facilitate the complex interactions between humans, engineered machines and infrastructure, as well as their natural and social environments. Ingenuity Labs brings together researchers from across the engineering disciplines, and beyond, in order to foster innovative research, education, collaborations and partnerships with industry, communities, and the world.

Dr. Amy Wu will be leading the team representing Ingenuity Labs at MakerFaire Rome. Dr. Wu is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Queen’s University. She is the head of the Biomechanics x Robotics Laboratory. Her research interests are at the intersection of human biomechanics and robotics with the aim of building better assistive technologies.

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