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Tracciabilità dei mercati contadini
Tracciabilità dei mercati contadini

Tracciabilità dei mercati contadini

The project “Roman Neighborhood Markets Traceability” introduces a traceability system in the fruit/vegetable supply chain to increase the value fresh products’ direct sales, based on blockchain and other technologies (IoT, Big data, augmented realty). The goal is to enhance the distinctive elements of fruit/vegetable products: origin, super-freshness, variety and ripeness degree, thanks to the printing of a “speaking” receipt with the above information. The proposed project is innovative and distinctive because create an ecosystem, in which all the actors of the supply chain are connected in the network, allowing a complete transparency and efficiency of the processes. In addition, the project aims to support the demand for sustainable and fair marketplace (i.e. through the integration of precision agriculture systems will be possible to trace energy and water consumption, used fertilizer, regular and undeclared work) and increase the enthusiasm for traditional and in-season production. Currently the pilot project is on twenty local producers and impact more than twenty-thousand/monthly consumers, subsequently the standardization of the service the project will be extended to all markets in Rome, and it is estimated to impact more than two-million/monthly of consumers from different cultures and age thanks to the different delivery channels will be used.

Tracciabilità dei mercati contadini

Virgilio Maretto, pOsti

Virgilio Maretto: Co-Founder & CEO of pOsti
- Degree in electronic engineering​
- Top Manager Accenture> 20 years experience​
- Master in Food & Beverage Management Sole 24 Ore.
- Skills: Sales & Business Strategies, IT Specialists, System Engineering, project & contract management

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